Is Commercial Real Estate A Good Investment?

Industrial and commercial properties constantly come to market, but it does not have the same kind of listing as residential and the pricing is completely different than residential.

Whether buying or selling, don’t shy away from negotiation. Be sure that your voice is heard so that you can get yourself a fair property price.

TIP! Before buying a commercial property, research its net operating income to make sure you don’t lose money. In order to be successful, you will have to make sure that you never dip into the negative.

Commercial real estate involves more complex and time intensive than buying a residential home is. You should understand that although this is a huge undertaking, you have to be diligent in order to get a profit.

TIP! Make sure your asking price is realistic. There are a lot of factors that determine the value of the lot.

You might have to put a lot of effort into your new investment at first. It will take time to find an opportunity that is profitable, and after purchasing a property, it may need repairs or remodeling. Don’t give up just because it currently consumes so much of your time. The rewards you see will show themselves later.

TIP! One major part of commercial real estate deals is inspections. When property you are involved in is being inspected, take steps to verify the legitimacy of every inspector.

When selecting a broker, investigate their years of actual commercial market experience. Make sure that they are specializing in the area of your curiosity or buying in. You need to get into an exclusive agreement with your broker.

Many different factors can influence the value of your property.

This can avoid future problems in the post-sale.

Have a professional do an inspection of your commercial property professionally inspected before you listing it as available on the market.

TIP! It is essential to develop a list of emergency maintenance service providers. You should ask your landlord who is in charge of handling emergency repairs.

When you’re writing letters of intent, keep it simple by going for agreement on the larger issues first and let the smaller issues wait for a later time in the negotiations.

TIP! If you are thinking about hiring any real estate professional, read over all their disclosures. Be aware of the possibility of dual agency.

If you are viewing more than one property, acquire the house survey checklist for each one during your site tour. Take the first round proposal responses, and use it when speaking with the property owners. Do not be scared to let it slip to the owners know about other properties that you are considering. This could help you score a sense of urgency on the seller’s part.

Dual Agency

TIP! If you are just getting started investing, focus on just one category of investments. Choose one property type you would like to start with and give it your undivided attention.

Check any disclosures of the chosen real estate agent gives you carefully. Remember that dual agency could occur. This means the agency works for the tenant and the tenant. Dual agency should be disclosed and both parties.

TIP! Meet with your tax adviser prior to making a purchase. A tax adviser can tell you what your tax liabilities are on the purchase and future income from it.

Borrowers have to order the appraisal in commercial loans. The bank won’t let you use of it later. Order it yourself to ensure that you will be eligible for commercial loans.

TIP! To find a honest real estate broker firm, ask them how they make most of their money. They should likewise be honest if this creates a conflict of interest in their relations with you.

Ask a broker firm how they make money. They should likewise be honest if this creates a conflict of interest in their business model is and any interests that differ from yours. You should know exactly how they will benefit from any transaction they take care of on your real estate needs.

TIP! Make certain to only put your focus on a single investment at any given time. Whether it’s an office building, land, or apartments, you should focus on just one kind of investment.

This is done so you can verify that the terms reflect the rent roll as well as the property’s documentation. If you do not look over these key terms, there may be a term that got overlooked by the rent roll, altering the pro forma.

TIP! Take into consideration any possible environmental problems. A thing that people are often worried about is that your commercial property may have hazardous waste problems.

Build an online presence before moving into the commercial real estate world. The idea is for people to learn about you by just entering your name in a search field.

TIP! You can post to social networking sites, and you should also send out newsletters about your commercial properties. If you maintain a regular presence in these contacts’ lives, then they’ll think of you first the next time they are ready to make a deal.

Keep your focus on one investment property at a time. Whether it’s an office building, renting apartments or some other type of commercial investment, do yourself a favor, you should focus on just one kind of investment. Each kind of your complete and focused attention. It is a lot better to master one thing than sub-par with many.

TIP! Buy a bigger building when thinking about making a commercial real estate investment. If you want to get a building that has five units, you need to know that’s it’s no different to manage than 50.

Make sure you consider any sorts of environmental issues.A property may have hazardous waste problems. As the property owner, you must be willing and able to address these concerns, regardless of their origin.

TIP! You have to remember that your investment depends on rent considerations when you negotiate for a lease. Know how to plan for the rent you wish to charge before talking to a prospective tenant.

Bigger is better in commercial real estate. If you were considering purchasing a five-unit building, keep in mind that it does not involve that much more work to manage 75 units instead. A small building requires the same paperwork and financing as a larger building, but the larger one has lower per unit average prices and more rental income streams for you.

TIP! It is necessary that you have financial statements for yourself and for your business handy if you want to finance a commercial real estate property. Without these important documents, most lenders will not feel confident enough to provide you with the needed funds.

Don’t underestimate your relationship with lenders and investors when you’re in the market to purchase commercial real estate. For instance, many commercial properties that are sold are unlisted, so having a lot of people in your network will increase your know-how and allow you to get the inside scoop on great deals.

Set your arrangements with these people by drawing up contracts regarding your repayment terms at fixed rates, or give them a percentage of your income from the property.

Think about the ancient art of feng shui principles when it comes to your personal office and commercial real estate properties.

TIP! When you are setting up your home office or commercial property for selling purposes, consider the Asian art of feng shui. This will create larger open spaces with less clutter and will give a more attractive flow for potential buyers.

Buy property with large numbers of units. More units equals more income potential from the property. Many purchasers will not even glance at a property if it has less than ten units, and most believe that the more units included, the more cash you can earn.

Interest Rates

TIP! It’s a good idea to purchase properties larger than you actually need when buying commercial real estate. It doesn’t take a lot more work than a smaller location, and it turns a greater profit over time.

Fluctuating interest rates are responsible for the single greatest threat to investors in commercial real estate. The economic conditions today makes interest rates go up and down unpredictably, so it’s likely that an investor who waits too long to close a loan could end up having to pay much higher rates. Keep this in mind during your comparison shopping, and consider the long-term options.

Unfortunately, this practice has become vanishingly rare, putting you at risk.

Managing a large property is really not a lot more difficult than managing a small one, and doing so actually increases your profit on a per unit basis.


Size is an extremely important variable when it comes to buying a new building for the perfect commercial property. You should rent commercial property that will suit your needs now and as they grow.

Locating the right type of commercial real estate is only half the battle here. A little knowledge can go a long way.