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Welcome! We hope you enjoy these online tours of Ocala, Florida. Knowing that a wise real estate transaction involves consideration of location... we have provided these tours as a tool to assist you in making the right decision when purchasing, or selling, a home. Other tools include, Current Market Trends, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and contact information for Real Estate Associates.
Begin by choosing from the above sections: Retirement, New Homes, Condos, Farms, SW, NW, SE, NE, $ Lower Priced Home, $$ Medium Priced Homes, $$$ High End Homes, $$$$ Luxury Homes. To take a tour, see the list below.
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Subdivision Search
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Local Resources Serving This Area

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Ocala Subdivision Tours, Ocala Fl Real Estate - Ocala Market Trends
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Ocala Market Trends
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Monetary Guidelines
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In an effort to assist visitors in determining 'Approximate' price ranges
for homes in subdivisions, the following guidelines are available.

$ ~ Lower Priced Homes (Approximately, $70K or less)
$$ ~ Medium Priced Homes (Approximately, $70K - 150K)
$$$ ~ High End Homes (Approximately, $150K - $350K)
$$$$ ~ Luxury Homes (Approximately, $350K and up)

A specific dollar amount is not used due to regular market changes.

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