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Welcome! Below you will find a complete list of subdivisions. This list may be used by Buyers to search for homes currently 'For Sale' in a particular subdivision. Sellers may also benefit from this page by using it to evaluate other homes currently 'For Sale' in their subdivision. Those looking for a qualified real estate sales associate, may obtain help by calling Ocala Subdivision Tours at: Text (352) 216-6067.
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Homes For Sale
Homes For Sale
Sell My House
Sell My House
Subdivision Search
Subdivision Search
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$ave Money with

Local Resources Serving This Area

D & S Cleaning & Maintenance
D & S Cleaning & Maintenance
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Lawn Service & Septics
When Duty Calls
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StoreRight Self Storage
StoreRight Self Storage
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Authority Tree Service
Authority Tree Service
Our Customer's Come First!
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Central Florida Curb Appeal
Central Florida Curb Appeal
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(Up to 100 feet of Curbing)

Licensed & Insured
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Culbreath Marketing

Marion County & The Villages
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Swaggerty Painting, LLC
Swaggerty Painting, LLC
Painting & Pressure Washing
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Driveway Power Washing!

References Available
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Local Businesses!

Good News for Today!
Good News for Today!
4 Steps to Peace

There is Hope

Monetary Guidelines
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In an effort to assist visitors in determining 'Approximate' price ranges
for homes in subdivisions, the following guidelines are available.

$ ~ Lower Priced Homes (Approximately, $70K or less)
$$ ~ Medium Priced Homes (Approximately, $70K - 150K)
$$$ ~ High End Homes (Approximately, $150K - $350K)
$$$$ ~ Luxury Homes (Approximately, $350K and up)

A specific dollar amount is not used due to regular market changes.

All Subdivisions
Scenic Ocala Subdivision Tours Online
Ocala Homes for Sale to a World of Internet Buyers!

Lewis/Pamela Culbreath
Ocala, FL
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